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Welcome to Microcurrent 4 People

For the first time, Matrix offers financed purchases. The PayPal program can be selected during the regular check-out process.

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Matrix Therapy Products specializes in Microcurrent Therapy, which is the use of low-level electrical stimulation to promote healing. Microcurrent for People offers a range of therapy units, with the primary focus on the Avazzia BEST devices. To adapt treatments to specific conditions, Matrix Therapy Products offers a variety of electrodes that can be purchased to use with your BEST microcurrent unit.

BEST devices apply relaxation stimulation pulses (microcurrent) to affected areas to stimulate the body’s regulatory elements for rebuilding damaged or diseased cells. The easy-to-use units can locate and treat problem areas using their unique ability to simultaneously measure several factors and automatically treat the area.

There are thousands of therapy devices on the market, but few can match the Avazzia BEST devices' sophisticated attributes, reasonable price, and ability to fit right in your pocket. There are a range of units with varying features, some of which are only available by prescription. Explore the site to learn more.

Prescription Form: To learn more about ordering prescription devices and print the Prescription Form, Click Here.

Why Use Microcurrent?

Pain Relief, Injury Recovery, Wound Healing, Maintenance, & More
Top Pick Devices

Biofeedback Microcurrent Devices: Advanced technology in a compact unit. Select the right one for you.
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