To Navigate Flipbook Catalog: Click on a corner (or drag) to change the page, click on Directory items to jump directly to page.
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How to Use Flipbook
Please be patient while it loads. The flipbook catalog provides an easy way to view the latest Matrix Therapy Products Catalog online. The interactive pages can be flipped through, as if it was a real book. If you'd like a hard copy of the catalog, contact Matrix.

Navigation: There are three options for turning pages.

  1. Click on upper or lower corner to change page.
  2. Click and drag corner, then release by opposite corner once page is open.
  3. Click on back and forth arrows.

Directory: Click on an item to jump to that page. On the bottom of each page, click Return to Directory or Return to Website to go back to those places.

Purchase: Click on an "Order Online" button to view that Category of products online. Makes it easy to view options and add to shopping cart.

Other: Websites are live links, click to view website in separate window. The "see page..." text can be clicked to go to that page.

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