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Selecting a BEST device

By Matrix Therapy Products

Why BEST is best
BEST devices outshine all other microcurrent units on the market, likening them to the distinction between smart phones and regular cell phones. The BEST devices provide a unique combination of features – handheld and highly portable, a variety of treatment methods, and an interactive biofeedback feature.

Treating wrist discomfort with
the Med-Best device.
Med-Best treating wrist discomfort
Selecting the Right Device
The eZZi-Lift, Med-Best, and Med-Sport are affordable options that do not require prescriptions. The eZZi-Lift units are designed for facial skin massage and facial rejuvenation, improving tissue for tighter, smoother skin. While they still use biofeedback during the treatment, the eZZi- Lift devices do not have biofeedback alerts.

The Med-Best is classified as a therapeutic massager and is ideal for personal use to treat sore and chronic conditions. Massage therapists and acupuncturists are also discovering the benefits of incorporating the Med- Best into their practices. The next step up in over-the-counter models is the Med-Sport, which has an Acute Mode and is geared towards treating athletic injuries as well as for helping main- tain a physically active body.

Prescription & Professional: This category of devices is cleared by the FDA for the “symptomatic relief and management of chronic, intractable pain” as well as for post-surgery pain. For an individual requiring long-lasting relief for post-surgery or chronic pain, the Best-Pro1 is a good option. The Best-RSI implements the RSI mode, which is a stronger setting that was developed to provide even faster relief from severe pain. This unit is ideal for pain associated with chronic conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.

The Pro-Sport is the most advanced option and is designed for use by healthcare professionals. This highly advanced microcurrent device incorporates all of the other units’ programs, additional modes, and the option to adjust output controls. It also has a digital display and progress indicators. For more information about the Pro-Sport and its advanced features, see ProSport Benefits.

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