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Athletic Trainers - Using BEST Devices

Microcurrent is an incredibly beneficial therapy for athletes. All of Avazzia’s BEST devices are approved to be used by Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers. Athletes’ bodies are especially susceptible to injury due to their extremely hard use; athletic trainers can aid athletes in both prevention and rehabilitation with microcurrent.

Avazzia’s BEST devices – especially the Pro-Sport – can be used by practitioners to maintain an athlete’s body so that it is in top physical shape for competition. If an exact injury is unable to be located, the modes with biofeedback alerts can help an athletic trainer or physical therapist pinpoint the source. Injuries are inevitable during competition, so when they do occur a BEST device can assist in rehabilitation. Learn more about microcurrent.

Microcurrent can provide athletes with pain relief, as well as jump-starting the body’s own healing mechanisms for shorter recovery times. In some cases, a physical therapist may choose to send a patient home with a specific treatment protocol. The BEST devices are easy to use so patients could treat an injury in-between sessions with the physical therapist. For more information on specific treatment methods and protocols contact Matrix Therapy Products.

Common Injuries

Microcurrent is highly beneficial for a wide variety of injuries, as well as general aches and pains. Below is a non-inclusive list of injuries that can benefit from microcurrent to give athletic trainers an idea of what they can help with microcurrent. Click any of the buttons below to see common injuries for each type of athlete. Click again to close the section.

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