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Over-the-Counter Units

Avazzia BEST Microcurrent Devices that are able to be purchased Over-the-Counter without a prescription.

Prescription & Practitioner Units

Avazzia BEST Microcurrent Devices that are only available for purchase by practitioners or with a prescription.

Facial Rejuvenation

Therapy tools and various products for at-home spa days.

Complementary Therapies

Additional therapy products that are complementary to microcurrent

Books & Training

Books and training courses for microcurrent therapy.


A variety of electrodes that can be used with any of the BEST devices.

Wires & Adapters

Replacement wires, extensions, splitters, heavy-duty wires, and adapters.

Gels & Accessories

Conductive gels for microcurrent treatments, nutrient booster, and adhesive gel to make pads sticky again. As well as other accessories such as equipment bags.


M.E.A.D. stands for Meridian Energy Analysis Device

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