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Common ailments, injuries, and aches can be helped by microcurrent.

No matter what your age, profession, hobbies, or physical ailments, microcurrent can provide a way to help you feel your best. The various microcurrent units and complementary therapies available from Matrix can be used to help a wide array of everyday problems. Remember: It is important to always first consult a licensed physician prior to self-treatment. The following are just a few examples of issues that can benefit from therapy:Treating neck discomfort with Med-Best microcurrent unit

  • Muscle soreness
  • Discomfort
  • Skin Problems
  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Chronic Conditions (specific devices)
  • Athletic Injuries (specific devices)
  • Post-Op & Injury Recovery (specific devices)

There are prescription and non-prescription microcurrent devices available that can be used to help various conditions. For relieve of general discomfort and soreness, there are several over-the-counter units. If the Avazzia BEST devices are used, then treatment can be as simple as using the built-in electrodes that are on the back of the unit. For treatment variations, there is a wide range of accessory electrodes that can be used to customize your therapy session. For example:

  • Matrix Mini Roller: Roll over tight muscles.
  • Avazzia E-Pen: One-handed treatment for specific acupoints.
  • Pad Electrodes: Attach then treat hands free, ideal for hard to reach places and for multi-tasking.
  • Silver Knit Products: Wear socks, gloves, or sleeves for wide coverage.
  • See full list of available electrodes, some only connect to Avazzia BEST devices.

There are many know benefits from using microcurrent, which includes but are not limited to:

  • Improved circulation and dilated blood vessels
  • Faster healing without scar tissue.
  • Stimulating lymph circulation.
  • Increased ATP* production up to 500% (ATP=adenosine triphosphate).
  • Improved circulation and nutrition to joints.
  • See F.A.Q. & More for additional information.
Microcurrent therapy on the elbow using a Med-Best device. E-Pen and Med-Best to treat wrist acupoint with microcurrent Qi Gong Infrasound Massager treating knee discomfort
Treating elbow discomfort with the Med-Best and pad electrodes. Treating an acupoint on the wrist with the Med-Best and E-Pen. Complementary therapies include light and infrasound. The Infrasound Qi Gong is shown.

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