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Massage Therapists - Using BEST Devices

Avazzia’s Med-Best and Med-Sport are the first FDA-approved microcurrent massagers. These two devices are approved for massage therapists, enabling the use of microcurrent therapy in their massage sessions.

Two types of glove electrodes.
Incorporating microcurrent into massage sessions can benefit massage therapists in a variety of ways. The low-level electrical stimulation goes deeper into the tissue than hands alone are able to, allowing for increased benefits and faster results. Also, using certain microcurrent methods can make treatments easier on the therapist’s own hands. There are special electrode gloves that can be worn to treat patients with microcurrent while simultaneously administering traditional massage techniques. Learn more about microcurrent & other therapies.

The Med-Best and Med-Sport therapeutic massagers can be used with a variety of electrodes to adjust treatments to meet each patient’s needs. Both implement the advanced biofeedback BEST technology, which stands for Biofeedback Electrical Stimulation Technology.

According to some massage therapists, using the glove electrodes is like switching from regular TV to watching it in 3D. When placing their hands on a patient while wearing the gloves, the massage therapists are able to assess the tissue even quicker. With the addition of microcurrent the changes occur faster and the massage therapists get more detailed pictures of the problem areas.

Personal Maintenance
Using microcurrent during your massage sessions can also benefit your own personal well-being. This is because the microcurrent enhances the tissue changes, enabling less physical exertion. It is also beneficial to treat yourselft to microcurrent on a regular basis. This can be done with pad electrodes, wearing the silver knit gloves (without the latex that is worn when treating a patient), or any other variation.

Contact Matrix Therapy Products for more information on the primary microcurrent methods used for massage therapy.

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