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Practitioners - Using Microcurrent

Increase efficiency of treatments and expedite healing by using microcurrent in your practice.

Microcurrent has many known benefits and can be a valuable tool in many types of pracitices. Microcurrent therapy is extremely safe and has options available that can easily be customized to help specific conditions. And if you're ready for the latest in microcurrent technology it is time to check out the ProSport, a professional-use microcurrent device.

Matrix Therapy Products offers two exciting devices for practitioners: the ProSport registered biofeedback device and the M.E.A.D. measurement tool. These tools can help locate and confirm problem areas, which can assist in expediting the healing process and creating faster patient satisfaction.

ProSport being used on a patient to treat shoulders and back.

ProSport being used on a patient
to treat shoulders and back.

ProSport: Professional-Use, Registered Biofeedback & Microcurrent Device
Engineer Tim Smith is the developer behind the ProSport. Want to learn more?
The professional-use ProSport provides practitioners with the ability to highly customize each treatment. The ProSport provides real-time information on tissue changes that are occurring, while providing the benefits of microcurrent and biofeedback. And because the device is communicating with the body, it is able to determine when the area has had its fill of microcurrent. In other words, it recognizes when enough treatment has been administered to effectively jump-start the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

The advanced technology makes treatments more efficient because practitioners can locate and treat areas simultaneously. Additionally, in subsequent treatments the ProSport makes it easy to locate which areas still need treatment.

The ProSport’s wide array of parameters allows for variation and customization in treatment to meet specific patients’ needs. All other BEST devices have a limited number of modes, however the ProSport incorporates all of the modes, as well as having additional programs. ProSport programs and software are continually being updated, and upgrades are available for your device. The ProSport is highly transportable (handheld and lightweight), and Level 1 training is free with a purchase of the device. Learn More About the ProSport.

M.E.A.D.: Measurement Tool for Chinese Meridians
M.E.A.D accessory electrode sensor
The M.E.A.D. provides a great way to take a quick peak at imbalances and is a great starting point when locating problem areas. It has a electrode attachment sensor that is significantly more accurate than other similar items on the market.

The M.E.A.D. is able to help indicate where there are imbalances in Chinese Meridians that run throughout the body. It has a reports feature that allows you to print data, which provides comparison points for later readings. Learn More.

Microcurrent in Your Practice
Microcurrent therapy - especially with BEST devices - can be easily incorporated into practitioners' treatment sessions. There are a variety of methods that enable practitioners to implement microcurrent treatments to benefit their patients, even for specialized practitioners such as acupuncturists and chiropractors.

Microcurrent is extremely safe and can be used with other therapies, such as cold, light, and infrasound. As well as working well with other forms of therapy, microcurrent can be performed during stationary treatments or range-of-motion (ROM) exercises.

Microcurrent is popular for treating many different conditions and ailments. The following are common times when microcurrent is beneficial, however it is nowhere near an exhaustive list.

  • Arthritis
  • Athletic Injuries (detailed list)
  • Back & Neck Pain
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Heel Pain
  • Old & Fresh Scar Tissue
  • Poor Circulation
  • Post-Surgery
  • Serious Chronic Conditions
  • Traumatic Injuries

Highly Adjustable Treatments
Microcurrent can be applied using the ProSport’s backplate electrode or using accessory electrodes. The backplate or a combined positive/negative electrode (E-Pen, E-Comb, EV-8 Probe) is most effective when using the biofeedback alerts, because it will take more accurate readings than two separate electrodes. However, once a problem area is located any accessory electrodes can be selected that will be ideal for treating the specific treatment area.

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