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Adapter: 4 Pin Connector to 2.5mm Phono Jack (5020)


Adapter: by Avazzia

Type: 4 Pin Connector to 2.5mm Phono Jack
Quantity: 1 adapter

Price: $22.00

Adapter: Attenuator (5022)


Attenuator (5011) by Avazzia

Used to dampen output of BEST Devices. Inserts between the Avazzia device and wire used to attach electrodes.
Price: $22.00

Adapter: Banana Jack to Pin Plug (5003-P)


5003-P Banana Jack to Pin Plug adapter by Matrix.
Price: $3.95

Adapter: Pin Jack to Banana Plug (5003-B)


5003-B Pin Jack to Banana Plug adapter by Matrix.
Price: $3.95

Adapter: Pin Jack to Snap (5000-Snap)


5000-Snap: Six-inch pig tail for connecting Pin End cords to Snap type electrodes.
Price: $5.50

Avazzia Devices: 5025 Factory Replacement (5025)


Avazzia Factory Wire (5025)

OUT of Stock Type: 2.5mm to 2.5mm Phono Plug.
Length: 42 Inches.
Price: $15.00

Avazzia Devices: 5026 Heavy Duty (5026HD)


Heavy Duty Wire (5026HD)
Type: 2.5mm Phono Plug to Dual .08 Pin Plug - Heavy Duty version
Length: 42 inches.

More durable than Avazzia Factory wire (5026).
Price: $21.00

Extension Wires (5011)


Matrix Extension Wire (5011)

Type: .08 Pin End to .08 Female.
Length: 6 feet.

Sold as pair (1 red, 1 black).
Price: $23.00

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