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Avazzia ProSport: Professional Use Device

Treating a patient's back with the ProSport microcurrent unit.The Pro-Sport offers the best of Avazzia’s biofeedback technology combined with Scenar output control options in a single handheld unit.

The ProSport is a professional microcurrent device that allows healthcare practitioners to set output mode parameters. The digital display shows therapy progress indicators and readings from the tissue. Treatments can be done using the back plate or using accessory electrodes.

Customized Therapy

  • Digital data reduces subjectivity and increases objective evidence
  • Customize treatments
  • Measure progress
  • Digital Display
  • Highly Adjustable Settings
  • Wide Selection of Preprogrammed Modes
  • Scenar Options

Software Updates: ProSport owners are eligible for software updates and new programs from Avazzia. Fees may apply.

Output Control Options
Frequency (Hz) 1 to 352, 1000, 1500
Output Damping 8 Levels
Intense (pulses per output) up to 30 pulses per output
Z Value (time between pulses) 1 to 100 (multiples of 20 micro seconds)
Output Power Curves Adjust: Normal, Sensitie, Soft, or Cosmetic


  • Pulse Frequency: 1 -1500 Hz (hertz)
  • Output Voltage: 20 - 600 V (volts)
  • Output Current: 2 - 90 uA (microamperes)
  • Waveform: Pulsed, Damped, Biphasic
  • Power Source: 2 AA Batteries
  • 23 Programs & 4 Available Presets
  • Click here to see more Pro-Sport specifications

Avazzia Pro-Sport Professional KitProSport professional microcurrent device kit

Professional microcurrent device allows healthcare practitioners to set output mode parametrs. Digital display shows biofeedback readings for prfessional use and therapy progress indicators.

Kit Includes:
- Large Bag (B-AV)
- Instruction Manual
- Pencil electrode (E-Pen)
- Y-Probe (EV-8 Y Probe)
- Wires (5025, 5026)
- 4-Pack of 2x2 pad electrodes
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The ProSport is a prescription device, which means that only licensed practitioners or individuals with a prescription can purchase the device. Download Matrix's Prescription Form and return to Matrix prior to ordering.

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